I can sho’nuff testify that the Black Church is as queer as they come.

Queerness haunted me for years. It lurked in the shadows of my life with little regard for my comfort or convenience. I rejected its alluring embrace with every fiber of my being. But, the more I resisted, the larger it loomed. Desperate for relief, I found refuge in a place that promised liberation and deliverance: the Black Church. I got it. But not in the way that you may think.

As the son of a Southern preacher and the grandson of a Holy Ghost filled grandmother, the Black Church was my second home. The markings of my adolescence are littered…

Our humanity is nonnegotiable. LGBTQ lives matter, too.

My message to the Black Church is simple: choose a side. Liberate or oppress. Victimize or humanize. Dismantle systems of oppression or maintain systems of domination. Our community — your community — is in crisis. And your house is divided. Now is the time to get your house in order; this cannot wait.

While I am heartened by your recent calls for justice in the wake of state-sanctioned violence against Black people, you must recognize that your credibility has eroded to an almost irredeemable degree. At the heart of your stained reputation is an inability to grapple with intersectionality and…

Don Abram

queer church boy musing about race, religion, and politics.

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